Why a Mobile App?

There are so many reasons to invest in a mobile app:

An app is the most effective way to communicate with your citizens where they are – on their smartphones.

In the years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen a huge change in how smartphones are used, and have adapted our offerings to reach people in the most efficient way possible.

There’s no denying that your citizens are glued to their smartphones – 77% of Americans own one. On average, they check their phones 150 times each day. Our clients have learned that if they have important information they need to get to their citizens in a hurry, an app is the easiest way to do it.

Because our apps have push notification functionality, your office can serve information to your citizens in real time, which can mean significant time savings. Users no longer have to hunt for information from your department – it appears on their phone like a text message.

Push notifications get your information out quickly without requiring citizens to search for it.

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.
You’ve seen them before…

  • Sports scores
  • Weather alerts
  • Amber alerts
  • News alerts
  • Many more

With our simple control panel, you can send (“push”) notifications to everyone who has your app. Notifications may include:

  • Road closures
  • Weather alerts
  • Emergency notifications
  • Active shooter information
  • Amber alerts
  • Many more

A push notification is the fastest method of getting information out to your citizens. YOU take control of your communication.

90% of time on a smartphone is spent within an app rather than in a browser.

It’s no secret that smartphones are everywhere. In fact, more than two-thirds of American adults are now smartphone owners – that equates to over 200 million people.*

Stats don’t lie – 90 percent of time spent on a smartphone is spent within an app rather than in a browser. Additionally, on average, people check their smartphones more than 150 times each day, and spend more than 177 minutes on their phones each day. Sixty-eight percent of users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up.

We’re in a new era of communication in which your citizens expect fast, precise, easy-to-understand information in the palm of their hand. That’s why we build mobile apps for offices just like yours – to ensure citizens have the information they need, when they need it.

Our user-friendly desktop interface is easy to use and requires no knowledge of programming or coding.

When we speak with departments just like yours, we often find that they like the idea of an app, but are concerned about its management and upkeep.

Here’s the good news – myOCV.com has developed a user-friendly desktop interface for every app we build that makes management and upkeep of your app a breeze.

With the click of a button, you can send a push notification, publish a social media post or review tips submitted by users. Additionally, with available system integration, there’s no manual upkeep of information in two places – your app is automatically updated with the most up-to- date information.

Your app can integrate with systems you already have in place.

A custom mobile app can work seamlessly with many of your existing systems – from inmate searches and sex offender locations to NOAA weather broadcasts and many others. When you update your existing system, your app is updated automatically – there’s no extra work for you.

Why is System Integration important for an app?
Without system integration, your app is little more than a collection of links to mobile web pages. The sophistication behind integrated systems provides your users with a much more user-friendly app.

How can System Integration benefit my office?
Imagine if your citizens could get all the information they need from their smartphone – WITHOUT having to call your office. Integrated systems let users find the information they need quickly and easily, freeing you and your staff up for the tasks that only you can do.

Your app can bring citizen information to you easier than ever before.

One feature of our apps that offices just like yours love is the ability for citizens to submit information directly to you with a touch of a button.

Your citizens are your eyes and ears throughout your community. With tip submission functionality in a custom mobile app, it’s easier and faster than ever for your citizens to alert you to important information.

How do tip submissions work via an app?
With a push of a button on their smartphone, citizens are able to provide timely information, without having to search for a phone number and make a call. The information is sent directly to the appropriate person within your office.

Why is tip submission through an app better than traditional methods?
Tip submission through an app offers the user the option to be anonymous – giving your citizens a greater sense of security when sending you information. When citizens feel they are able to maintain their anonymity, they are more likely to send you the information you need.

Additionally, tip submission through an app is easy. Traditionally, if your citizens needed to report a crime or submit a tip, they had to stop what they were doing to track down your office’s phone number, make a call, ask to speak with the appropriate person and give the details that way. It was, frankly, a pain. With tip submission through your app however, citizens can submit information with the push of a button and a few keystrokes.

Combining an app with social media gives you comprehensive communication.

At myOCV.com, we know that citizen communication is a key component to the success of your department. Most of our clients have successfully utilized Facebook to engage citizens, but decided to take that communication a step further.

Combining Facebook with a custom mobile app is the BEST solution for Citizen Communication.

Facebook is a great tool, but did you know that not every piece of information you post is seen by those who follow your page? Additionally, fewer and fewer millennials are on Facebook. When there’s critical information, relaying your message through multiple channels is key.

With a custom mobile app from myOCV.com, your office is able to send push notifications to each individual who downloads your app, even when they don’t have the app open. These notifications come in just as a text message would – they garner attention and can prompt your citizens to take action. Additionally, your app can integrate with your social media, so each push notification not only goes directly to your citizens, but to your Facebook page as well.

Pairing a custom mobile app with your existing social media presence gives your office a comprehensive communication plan for your citizens. You’re able to reach your citizens where they are – on their smartphones.

Top Reasons Your Office Needs a Mobile App

Need a reason to consider a custom mobile app for your office? How about 7?

  • 90% of time on a mobile device is spent in apps rather than browsers.
  • On average people check their phones 150 times, and spend 177 minutes using them,PER DAY.
  • Push notifications allow you to get vital information out to your constituents wherever they are.
  • Your custom app can integrate with your existing systems, giving you real-time updates.
  • An app can provide better communication with citizens, resulting in a more favorable image for your office.
  • Canned, one-size- fits-all apps can’t provide the customization your citizens want.
  • Offices who have invested in a custom app report more improved transparency and increased citizen engagement.

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