Mobile "Native" apps are growing in popularity. Most organizations try to keep up with modern technology but often cannot internally keep up with the technology communication trends. Most entities struggle with vetting out appropriate vendors and often prefer to work with those they have worked with in the past.

OCV enables you to leverage our app development expertise in conjunction with serving the needs of your customers.

You do not have to be expert in Native app development, you let our team work with you as an extension to your workforce, without the overhead.

Program Benefits.

Get ready 

Customers value partners that are experts and knowledgeable on a broad range of technologies. If you hear mention of mobile desire, help them make the transition to “Native” apps.. 

Get equipped 

Your customers may lack the time, staff, or expertise to embrace mobile apps. OCVapps Resellers gain access to a robust set of resources to help them with their customers - everything from technical, design to marketing to support. 

Get ahead 

Apps are growing much like web design of the late 90’s. Join a growing community of cutting-edge partners that are already helping businesses make the transition to mobile apps. Your customers are waiting ...

Retain and strengthen your hard-earned relationships

Own the billing

As an OCVapps Reseller, you maintain full ownership of the billing relationship, just as you are used to with most on-premise technologies. This helps you maintain your central relationship with customers. OCV can handle the billing relations and compensate at the receipt of payment.

Manage The Entire Relationship

Beyond billing, OCVapps Resellers manage the entire customer relationship, including pricing, support and communications. Should you desire our direct involvement with your customers/ projects, we can serve you there too. This flexibility enables partners to cleanly package an entire experience together with product and services. Ultimately, we are simply an added service to your existing relationship or a stand alone service provider when you are not providing other services.

Other Services

OCV provides many other web technologies. Our technologies are all accessible to you and your customers.

Increase your margin
In addition to receiving a discount on the list price for our services, increase your profitability by focusing more on delivering value-added services that complement our services. Many resellers are capable of consulting, designing and helping in the project management of the app development. You create opportunities to drive more revenue with your existing services.

Benefit from recurring revenues
The recurring, long-term revenue streams from OCVapps can provide predictability and stability for future earnings.


What is a “Native” app?

If you have ever downloaded an app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, you have downloaded a “Native” app. Basically a native app is a app that goes into the app stores and can be downloaded. There are several version of a Native app but the ability to build, upload and have clients, prospects, friends, community etc… download your app is the Native app we are referring to.

What platforms does OCVapps build for?

Primarily our apps our developed in the Android and iOS platforms. We have experience in all other markets but the bulk of customers demand these 2. If our resellers run into other opportunities, we want to discuss that.

How is the project managed?

We work with our resellers to develop a custom management process for each app. OCV realizes that our resellers do not always know the app development process from start to finish. OCV works with your team behind the scenes to train you on the process. Ultimately our resellers have full control. If you want us involved with your client, we will get involved. If you want to control the whole process, we can work with you behind the scenes. OCV prefers to have the reseller handle either all or none of the communication. It can cause problems if both sides are working with the end client. A hybrid solution is typically how our first projects go with a new reseller.

How is billing handled?

OCV is prepared to bill directly for all accounts. We can bill to the reseller or directly to the client.

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