At, we build iPhone and Android apps for Sheriff Offices throughout the U.S. Our unique experience as the leading law enforcement app developer benefits your office as well as your constituents.

With an app from, you’re able to communicate with your citizens efficiently and effectively. Push notifications allow you to alert users to road closures, inclement weather, active shooters, amber alerts and much more. Additionally, through out anonymous submit-a-tip features, your citizens can be your eyes and ears throughout the community, alerting you to information you need with just the touch of a button.

Integrate your app with your existing systems – from inmate search and sex offender locations to NOAA weather broadcast and many others. A robust in-app experience provides your users with quick information at their fingertips.

Because we work with offices just like yours, we know that a “one size fits all” app just doesn’t exist. Your needs vary from other offices, and will likely grow over time.

That’s why we don’t try to fit your Sheriff’s Office into a box. We learn about your specific needs and develop an app that works for you. Plus, our apps are scalable, which means that down the road (whether that’s in 6 months or 6 years), when you require added functionality or more features, your app can grow with you.

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At, we build iPhone and Android apps for public health departments throughout the U.S. Our apps range from “Scale Back”-type health and wellness apps to apps aimed at making your state’s WIC system easier to navigate for participants.

Through a variety of push notification types, is able to put your information right where your citizens will see it – on their smartphones. Notifications appear even if the app isn’t currently in use, providing real-time communication.

Additionally, your app isn’t created as a “one size fits all” solution. We learn about your agency or department and tailor an app that best fits your needs. However, should those needs change, your app is scalable and can grow with you. As technology changes, so do we – adding functionality that benefits our clients and their citizens.

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At, we build iPhone and Android apps for police departments throughout the U.S. Our user-friendly functionality allows your department to relay information to your citizens quickly and efficiently.

From serious threats like Amber alerts and active shooters, to community-based events, your department is able to send push notifications to all users – whether or not they are actively using the app. This allows your message to be sent to a wide audience in real time, when seconds matter.

Additionally, your app from can integrate with systems your department is already using, including most wanted lists, nearby sex offenders and inmate search.

Your citizens can play an integral part in your community and become your eyes and ears through anonymous tip submission within the app. With the touch of a button, they are able to let you know about a crime in progress, traffic accident or other issue within your community.

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At, we build iPhone and Android apps for Emergency Management Agencies throughout the U.S. Through our innovative functionality, your agency is able to get the information your citizens need right in their hands.

Alert users to hazardous weather or power outages and provide shelter information all with the click of a button. Provide check-in functionality to help users find family members and friends after a devastating storm or weather event. Even let citizens know about community and education events and provide preparedness tips and checklists.

Your EMA app can integrate seamlessly with NOAA weather broadcasts, providing security even when the app isn’t in use. When seconds count, don’t rely just on radio broadcasts or social media posts – get your information in your citizens’ hands.

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At, we build iPhone and Android apps for fire departments throughout the U.S.

An app from allows you to communicate directly with your citizens. Through push notifications, you’re able to alert your community to burning bans, wildfires, high winds and more. Plus, offer tips for campfire and Christmas tree safety. Your users will see your message instantly on their phone – even if they aren’t currently using the app.

Allow users to submit information for burn permits with just a click of a button, and even request a fire truck at a local school for fire safety training. You can even help citizens create a “get out safe” plan for the entire family should a fire occur.

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