What is Live Streaming?
- The act of broadcasting video/audio from one location and publishing the video/audio to a website, facebook fanpage, and/or mobile devices for viewers to see in any location.

How does it work?
- By connecting a video camera to a dedicated computer (running a free software application) and Internet connection, you can broadcast your video/audio feed to users around the world.

Minimum Requirements
1. Camera - Whether you have a consumer level camera or a broadcast level camera, you can connect and broadcast in minutes
2. Computer - You might already have a computer you can use
3. Software - The streaming software is free
4. Internet connection - Using your existing Internet connection is likely sufficient
5. Help from OCV - From training to consulting to the streaming servers, we will support you before, during and after your live events. 

Prices start as low as $59/month
*when billed annually

OCVlive Testimony
“OCV adds a fantastic dimension to our Annual Conference Session each year by providing us with streaming video of the entire event.  It helps us connect with people who never before had participated in this significant aspect of the life of our Conference – and others who simply are unable to attend. (One year, for instance, we received a “rave review” from a member of clergy who was traveling in England.) OCV makes the setup seamless and assists us with any technical issues that come up. The first year that we live streamed, people were blown away – and we looked like heroes! Now they expect and look forward to this aspect of our coverage.
The staff of OCV has written the book on customer service, too. In the first year, Eric went ‘way “above and beyond” by actually helping to edit our recorded video into more manageable clips for uploading to our video library afterward. It’s the kind of service we’ve come to expect from OCV, but I hope that we never take it for granted. It’s rare in today’s business world and a real blessing to us!”
Cate MonaghanCommunications Director, California-Nevada Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church